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ISCRN Is an electronic system that operates independently according to some international standards, to protect copyrights from thefts and the creative intellectual property.
International Standard CopyRight Number also an international advisory committee that supervises on this system, This committee consists of a team of experts in different fields. There is specialized team, which has very high qualifications, works on the database to provide the newest protection for copyrights, and they are witnesses to the copyright.


We have a team of lawyers, with years of experience in Trademark Registrations, which allows us to assure you:

Competent professionals will perform all necessary procedures for the registration of your trademark

You will receive timely information regarding updates to the process from dedicated account representatives

If objections arise in the registration process (opposition, refusal, etc.), knowledgeable lawyers will advise you on the appropriate course of action

You can follow the interim status of your trademark in real­time, from application to registration, through a secure member’s section x