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ISCRN has been developed in order to enable individuals and organisations to protect their work from being unlawfully used. By registering your work with us, it will act as a deterrent to others who may be tempted to use your work without permission.

Here are some common examples:
Literary, dramatic, musicals and artistic work, including books, plays, poems, design, illustration & photography, logos, & training courses.
Original non-literary written work, for example software, web page content, design and databases
Sound/music, lyrics, songs, film, TV, & broadcasts

Copyright prevents other people & companies from making a copy of it, adding it to a website, distributing it on any other media (whether for money or free), performing it, showing or playing your work in public and changing it.

Please check your email SPAM or Junk folder for missing emails, as sometimes emails get put there by mistake by your email provider. Hotmail and junk just about everything, so we advise you do not use these email addresses if you can help it. Gmail email addresses we find are the most reliable, and have a sensible junk policy.

Payment is made using credit / debit card or your Paypal account. Once a subscription is setup, payment will be debited automatically each year, unless of course you opt not to renew . You will be notified by email each time an annual renewal payment is made.

Approach the client and let them know that the work was registered with If they refuse to stop using the work, you can threaten legal action to recover damages and share of their profits using your submission to as evidence of ownership and copyright infringement.

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