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ISCRN Is an electronic system that operates independently according to some international standards, to protect copyrights from thefts and the creative intellectual property



Sustainability at ISE focuses on the long term impacts we have on a broad range of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, the communities we work in and with, and the environment. International Standard CopyRight Number also an international advisory committee that supervises on this system, This committee consists of a team of experts in different fields. There is specialized team, which has very high qualifications, works on the database to provide the newest copyrights



it is about being responsible and fair over the long term, increasing the positive impacts that ISE's operations, products, and employees have, and in doing so, ensuring the Group's ongoing viability, growth and success. Our area of biggest impact and positive change is through the content we produce the data, intelligence, knowledge, research, and connections created and shared by each of our business divisions. This content helps customers and specialist communities around the world work smarter.



Content is at the center of what many of our teams and divisions provide. Our exhibitions, conferences, digital forums, data, intelligence products, books, journals and more, create, curate and share knowledge, insight, and intelligence, enabling customers to reach better and more informed decisions. This makes content one of ISE's most significant areas of impact. Read on for examples of how our content makes a positive contribution to stakeholders, communities and the success of the Group.



ISE sets out to create value for all its stakeholders, and that includes the communities in which we live and with whom we do business. For us, communities are those around and local to our offices, and the niche, vertical and sector communities that our customers are part of, and which we help support. For example, in the Knowledge & Networking and Global Exhibitions divisions, our events help bring together suppliers, peers and thought leaders, helping the customer communities.



Our employees and the diversity of knowledge and skills they bring are what drives ISE's success. We have a distinct employees and identity, and a strong commitment to investing in employees wherever they are. The Group aims to give employees the freedom to grow, experiment and learn, and to create an open, inclusive and stimulating environment while minimizing barriers and red tape. There are a number of initiatives throughout ISE that focus on attracting, supporting and retaining employees .



ISCRN consists of a committee which consists of a team of experts in different fields ISE creates value with a relatively small direct environmental impact, largely associated with carbon emissions and the use of paper in our publications. Nonetheless, we take action where we can to minimise our direct impact on the environment, and undertake projects to understand our indirect impacts too, such as emissions from flights that carry employees , relationships and customers to our events.